Fitness DVD Review: Hip Hop Jam

Hip Hop Jam DVD Front Cover

Hip Hop Jam DVD Back Cover

You really can’t go wrong with any of the Dance Off the Inches workouts and this one is no exception. I love Jennifer Galardi and her style and cueing are easy to follow. With that said, I do think you need to be able to find the rhythm of music if you want to be successful and have fun with it.  I think it was lame that Jennifer’s name is only in microscopic font on the back cover of this DVD.  She’s awesome and deserves props!

Workout segments include:

  • Warm up
  • Cali Pop
  • Funk Groove
  • Street Style
  • Cooldown
  • Step Guide (Jennifer breaks down the steps and combos for learning success)
  • Bonus: Booty Blaster Workout (with toning band)

This is a fun and effective workout.  I especially loved the street style combos (my style).  Each dance segment was roughly 10 minutes. It’s hard to gauge intensity of dance workouts because they are only as intense as you make them.  The harder you hit a move and the more range of motion you can get, the more calories you are going to burn.  If there are moves you don’t like, change them and make them your own style.  You can also watch her two back up dancers to get inspiration from as well.  This is meant to be a workout though, so you really aren’t going to take these moves to the clubs or anything.  The booty blaster portion would be considered a beginner to intermediate workout. Even though it didn’t necessarily have any unique moves, they are effective exercises for your butt.

Here’s a quick sample of the DVD from YouTube (c/o AnchorBayFitness):

Time to bust a move!  Amazon has this workout available on instant video here or on DVD with included toning loop for about $8 here.

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