Train at Home: Kickboxing

Kickboxing Train at Home

Kickboxing is great cardio and a break for the normal routine. I use to teach kickboxing classes back in the day – both contact (bags) and noncontact. So here’s a fun routine you can do at home to tone arms, legs, core, strengthen your heart and burn a ton of calories!

Kickboxing Rules:

  • Always have your hands up to protect your face – even at home!
  • Slightly shrug your shoulders and drop your chin (opposite of what I normally say) to protect your neck.
  • Abs are in.
  • Always stand with one foot forward and one foot back which is a more stable stance.
  • If you don’t have a real target (boxing bag with wraps and gloves), then focus on pulling your punches and kicks back in to help protect your joints.  Keep your punches and kicks controlled.
  • Breathe and have fun!

Start in a boxer’s stance (ready position) and spend a couple minutes working on each type of punch slowly…

Kickboxing Punches

Now spend a couple minutes working on each type of kick slowly…

Kickboxing Kicks

Next, pick up the pace a little bit.  Work both the left and right sides of the body with your punches and kicks.  When you are ready for some direction, add it in!  Pretend you have targets in all four corners of the room.  Pretend you have targets that are short and tall for elevation changes too. Power jacks and squat ducks are a great addition for more cardio and leg shaping…

Kickboxing Combos

Squat ducks are just dropping into a low squat (pushing your butt back) and taking your hands up towards your temples with your elbows in (to protect your head from that imaginary jab to your face).

Now drop to the floor for some core drills…

Kickboxing Core Exercises

For your speed bag sit ups, circle your hands as fast as possible as you crunch.  This is more of a coordination drill (so is actually working with a real speed bag).  The knee strike crushers are powerful, pull your knee in hard as you pretend you are grabbing someone’s head and smashing it through your knee.  Knock ’em out!  The buttkicker planks are actually really slow, more like a lying hamstring curl machine.

Yay, you did it!  Now it’s time to stretch it out…

Kickboxing Chest Stretch

The side lying boxer’s chest stretch is a great way to open the body back up after being in a closed position for your workout. The key is to NOT overdo!


You all know it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, right?

Why not help spread awareness with these awesome, high quality Suddora Sport Sweatbands (c/o)…

Kickboxing and Suddora Sweatbands

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6 thoughts on “Train at Home: Kickboxing

  1. I have never tried this but now I think I am going to need to. Forgot to reply to your question about the Jawbone UP band. I like it but I wouldn’t have bought it for myself. I do a ton of exercise as it is and this probably makes me even more obsessive with besting my records. On the other hand I think it is fantastic for people who need some motivation or need a reality check on just how many calories they burn. It definitely gives you some accountability.

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