Footwear for Pilates, Yoga, and Barre

The winter months mean colder floors. Here’s some footwear that may provide a little warmth and added support for your typically barefoot workouts.


Nike Studio Wraps Pack $110 includes wrap, ribbon, and flat. Made for workouts that are typically performed barefoot (especially barre).
Photo source: Nike


ToeSox~$15 I love these socks and they come in many colors -great for pilates.
Photo source: Amazon


Zemgear Unisex Barefoot Activities $35-$40 They have split toe versions available too.
Photo source: Amazon

Yoga Paws  $20 – $35 available for both men and women. A mini yoga mat for your hands and feet.
Photo source: Amazon

Hope you are all staying happy, healthy, and active!

8 thoughts on “Footwear for Pilates, Yoga, and Barre

  1. I took my first HOT yoga class last night and I’m wondering it something like this would be better than barefoot? Thanks for the information. Have you tried out any of these?

  2. Great post, I use the Zemgear shoes when I do yoga because I slip around on the mat. These shoes are really lightweight and offer great grip when you need it most!

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