DVD Review: Step Up Revolution Hip-Hop Cardio Burn

Step Up Revolution released another dance workout DVD called Hip-Hop Cardio Burn.  I have to say, I like this one even more than the first one (click here to see that review).

Step Up


Step Up Back Cover

The workout segments are as follows:

  • Hip-Hop Hard Core (22 min):  Misha Gabriel leads this workout and he’s inspiring.  You don’t master it right away, but once you do, it’s a blast.  This was my favorite segment and worth the price of the DVD.
  • Hip-Hop Cardio Challenge (18 min):  Micha & Micki take turns instructing this segment. Fun and a nice blend of their styles.
  • Hip-Hop Latin Burn (20 min):  Micki Duran leads this segment.  I didn’t like this one, because if any guy buys this DVD, they will not do this section.  It’s geared just for the ladies, and even with that said, it wasn’t my style at all.
  • Hip-Hop Flash Mob (16 min):  Micha & MIcki take turns instructing this segment again.  Fun & fast..
  • Bonus (10 min):  Class style instruction.  In the above sections, you mirror the instructors.  So, the bonus is great for any moves you may get stuck on.

Dance workouts are only as hard as you make them.  Get down low, jump high, have strong arms, use your abs, and get into it to actually burn calories and fat. Each segment above is between 9 and 12 eight-counts. If you are on carpet, I would do this workout in socks or shoes with absolutely no tread. You don’t want to tweak your knee.

Here’s the YouTube preview of the DVD:

This workout is super fun!  I bought my copy on Amazon for about $9 here.


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