DVD Review: Body Fit 360 By Michelle Dozois



Body Fit 360 by Michelle Dozois is a super fun, challenging, and innovative workout that is nothing like you’ve ever done before. It’s dance, but in a circuit format.  That’s the best way to explain it.  You train your body in all planes of motion and it’s fast paced to keep your heart rate up.  Since it is fast paced, there is a chapter you should watch first that breaks down the exercises.

Note:  You should always preview a workout before actually doing it.

This (almost) 60 minute workout is advanced, so you need to have flexibility, rhythm, and core strength to do it.   On this same note, I will tell you the negative of this workout is that the modifier barely modifies the exercises. I strongly suggest you only try this workout if you are an upper intermediate to an advanced level exerciser.  You need to have perfect form with a higher level of fitness or you will get hurt.  Being a fitness trainer/instructor myself, I have to emphasize that.


Michelle is a fabulous instructor with perfect cueing.  She’s been in the fitness industry a long time.  If you follow her cues and have the proper form (and conditioning) for the exercises, she will keep you safe from injury.

If you like dance, bootcamp, pilates, and yoga, then you will love this workout as much as I do!

I bought my copy off of Amazon for approximately $14 here.

If you aren’t quite at that level of fitness but want to try her workouts, I strongly suggest you do so.  You will not be disappointed.  Find out more about Michelle Dozois and order other workouts on her website (michelledozois.com) here.


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