Snow Lake Hike 3

Snow Lake Hike Photos

The Snow Lake Hike is one of the most popular hikes to do in the Seattle area.  My son and I went on Wednesday morning, and by the time we left the lake to head back down (2:30ish), there were tons of people coming to the lake.  It’s about 7 miles round trip, rocky, but moderately easy with the elevation…

Workout on the Mat

Workout on the Mat

Do a full workout on your mat with no other equipment required. Yay! Staggered Arm Plank (targets core): Change up your planks by staggering your arms to challenge your muscles differently. Keep shoulders down away from ears and chest open. Hold 15-60 seconds. You can lower to your knees to change arm position. Bent Arm Bird…

me and a big tree

Road Trip Photos

We took a major road trip from Seattle to California to be with the trees. The trip was long, but the giants were worth it! We then went up the 101 to check out the southern coast of Oregon… Then it was over to Crater Lake… This was the bluest lake I have ever seen.…


Pineapple Power!

Who doesn’t love pineapple during the summer?!  Cut it up into chunks (83 calories per cup) and enjoy alone or paired up with other fruits, nuts or meats.  It’s considered an excellent source of vitamin C for your immune health, so eat up!