Greater Seattle Area Parks with Exercise Stations


It’s not going to rain non-stop this fall, so get outside and take advantage of your local parks and trails that have exercise stations.  You can work on cardio, strength training, and flexibility while enjoying the beautiful outdoors.  Here’s a list of parks that have exercise stations, fitness zones, and even a couple reflexology foot paths (for mind and body wellness).


Centennial Park

Centennial Park (next to Myrtle Edwards Park)



  • Hickman Park – A trail through wooded area has workout stations.


Tam O'Shanter Park, Bellevue

Tam O’Shanter Park, Bellevue


  • Tam O’Shanter Park – 3 stations located at the playground.  *Use one arm or one leg at a time to increase difficulty on the back row machine and leg press machine.


Gliders at Marymoor Park

Gliders at Marymoor Park


  • Marymoor Park – 5 pieces of equipment around  playground equipment and a reflexology path just east of tennis courts.  The gliders have no resistance, so they aren’t great for cardio.  Try using them as a balance tool instead.  Slowly glide feet forward and back as you stand tall and barely touch your hands on the bar.  As successful, take hands away and move arms overhead, to the sides and behind you.  The motion is slow and controlled.
  • Sammamish River Trail – Outdoor workout stations located along the trail in Redmond by the public library.
Black Nugget Park located in the Issaquah Highlands

Black Nugget Park located in the Issaquah Highlands




  • Titlow Park – 18 stations for various fitness levels.


These photos below are from the exercise station at the Yellow Lake Loop Trail in Issaquah.  All these exercise examples are considered intermediate level exercises.  They will work for any exercises stations that have low bars, balance beams, and chairs (or a bench).

Yellow Lake

Yellow Lake Exercise Station

Here’s my husband and son below showing an inverted back row (see exercise details here) and some balance moves…

Yellow Lake Exercise Stations

Note: I haven’t been to all these parks, so I can’t tell you if they are all worth it (worth the effort or deemed safe).  If you live close and know the park, then why not try something different?!  Each park is linked to more info, so feel free to click it.

If you know of any local parks that I have missed, please fill free to comment so I can add them!

*Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.


8 thoughts on “Greater Seattle Area Parks with Exercise Stations

  1. Really good post this morn…about exercise stations on State Parks etc…Great seeing you guys at the Birthday party yesterday! Great fun and an awesome birthday cake.

  2. Hello, I am a Tacoma resident and I wanted to provide an update.

    Titlow Park no longer has the fitness stations. The park district got rid of them a couple of years ago, as they were getting old and deteriorating. The park district did not replace them with any new adult fitness equipment.

    Here are a couple options in Tacoma that still exist:

    Wright Park (501 South I St) has a pull-up bar and parallel bars.
    Garfield Park (400 N. Borough Rd) has a pull-up bar and a few other items including circuit stations.


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