Grab a Partner and Get Fit This Summer!


Whether you goal is to get fit or to maintain your active lifestyle this summer, you need to keep up a regular exercise program.  Grab a friend or loved one to workout with you!  It’s a great way to catch up, and it will make your workouts more enjoyable and worthwhile. You can actually boost more endorphins (aka happy hormones) when working out with someone else.  It’s true!  You may even push your intensity harder than you would if you were on your own.  Working out with a partner will keep you accountable, and you’ll be less likely to skip out on your fitness routine.
*Here’s a fun, calorie-blasting, partner workout to get you fitter, stronger, and healthier today!
Prep: Both partners have abdominals contracted, chest open, and shoulders retracted and depressed throughout the entire workout.
Warm up: Walk, jog, bike, or climb stairs for about 10 minutes at a moderate intensity level.  You can change it up after 5 minutes by performing jumping jacks while your partner runs to a certain length and back.  Make it a competition.  How many jacks can you do before your partner gets back?


1.  Partner Run: Targets heart rate, hips, thighs, and core
  • Partner 1 stands tall (knees slightly bent), with hands out and palms facing down.
  • Partner 2 marches or runs in place, lightly touching knees to their partner’s palms.
  • Stay light on feet, with chest lifted.
  • Perform exercise for one minute; switch partners and repeat 2-5 times.


2.  Medicine Ball Chest Pass :  Targets chest, hips, thighs, and core
  • Partner 1 stands with knees soft and arms in a “ready” position out in front of you.
  • Partner 2 holds medicine ball with elbows out and shoulders pressed down; squat down, then stand up passing the medicine ball to partner 1.
  • Partner 1 repeats the squat to chest pass back to partner 2.   Repeat sequence for up to one minute.


3.  Medicine Ball Oblique Toss:  Targets core
  • Facing sideways to your partner, partner 1 stands ready to catch the medicine ball.
  • Partner 2 rotates ball away from partner 1 with abdominals pulled in; gain momentum and toss the ball to partner 1, aiming for their hands.
  • As partner 1 catches ball, they go right into the twist.  Toss back and forth for up to one minute. Switch sides.


4.  Military Press:  Targets shoulders
  • Partner 1 sits on a bench or stability ball with arms up and elbows bent; hands in a fist position to keep wrists neutral, press hands up until arms are straight. Lower arms to starting position.
  • Partner 2 stands behind and applies constant resistance for partner 1.
  • Let partner 1 go through a full range of motion with the movement;  repeat presses for 30 seconds, then switch partners.


5.  One Arm Row:  Targets back
  • Both partners hold a towel in their right hand with the left leg forward.
  • Partner 1 pulls towel towards them;  keep pulling elbow in towards your spine.
  • Partner 2 repeats same motion; repeat exercise back and forth for up to one minute; repeat sequence with left hand.
  • Make it harder by balancing on one leg.


6.  Sit Up & High Five:  Targets core
  • Partner 1 lies on back with knees bent, heels pressed down into the floor. Crunch up as high as possible without using momentum and high five partner twice before coming back down.
  • Repeat motion for 30 seconds up to one minute; switching partners and repeat sequence.


7.  Plank & Fist Bump:  Targets total body
  • Both partners face each other in a plank (push up) position.
  • Partners must have perfect form with body in a straight line – no sagging hips.  To make this position easier, either perform modified from knees or elevate body with hands on a weight bench (facing partner).
  • Both partners lift right hand and lightly tap fists together and return right hand down; repeat on left side.
  • Repeat sequence for up to one minute keeping hips stable and abdominals contracted.
Finish workout with a few stretches and a high five.  Make this your summer to be fit and healthy!
*Consult with your physician before starting any new exercise program.

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    • I think he would like it! It doesn’t feel like a workout when you are doing it, and you end up working harder than you would if you were on your own. Nothing wrong with that!

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