Ring Toss Workout

Grab a family member or friend and do a ring toss workout that combines cardiovascular training, strength, coordination, and fun!

First establish your rules:

If your ring makes it on the west post, your partner has to run around the yard.

North post = partner doing 20 sit ups

East post = 20 jumping jacks

South post  = 20 supermans

Center = partner doing 20 burpees

Rings didn’t circle any post? = you doing all exercises above

Have the tosser start from somewhere different, like the top of your playset.

Looks like I’m going to be doing some burpees!

8 thoughts on “Ring Toss Workout

  1. I loved this idea until I read I have to do all the exercises if I miss! Brutal. 🙂 Great idea for when the nieces and nephew visit next month, although I may lower the number of exercises to something more doable for their age (ok, for me).

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