Move It!

Did you know you receive health benefits from one minute of daily exercise?

Why not take a 10 minute body break!

Move Your Body Everyday
You can do so much in ten minutes – work on flexibility, strength (focus on one body part) or go for a quick walk or run to boost metabolism!  Here’s a quick 10 minute stretch routine to that focuses on the side of body, hips, and shoulders…

10 Minute Stretch Routine



10 Minute Stretch Routine:

  • Standing IT Band Stretch (targets iliotibial band or side of hip and side of body):  Which ever foot you cross behind, pull upper body away from that leg.
  • Standing Hip Stretch (targets hip and balance):  Stand tall and pinch your shoulder blades together with your standing knee soft.
  • Low (Crescent) Lunge Twist (Targets hips, torso, chest, back and shoulders):  All your muscles have to function together to do this move, so don’t jam your spine. Do what feels good to you and breathe into the stretch!
  • High Lunge with Arm Variations (targets front of hip, chest, and shoulders):  Keep back leg bent to reduce stress on your lower back.  Try to either pull elbows back or actually grab your elbows behind your body.
  • Reverse Prayer Pose (targets shoulders):  Point fingers down or just grab wrist to make easier.

*Consult your physician before you start any new exercise program.

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