My First Flash Mob – Spreading Joy Through Seattle!

Seattle Glee Flash Mob '12

Glee Flash Mob Seattle 2012

This past weekend, I participated in my first ever flash mob!  I just have to share my fun experience with you all.

A while back, I was surfing You Tube (love it).  I came across the organization, Mob The World that performs flash mobs in Seattle,  New York, and more.  I joined their mailing list right away!

Egan Orion is the well-organized producer of Mob The World, who does so much for the Seattle community.

Jared Jones and Beth Meberg were the talented, funny, and patient choreographers for this flash mob.  They truly wanted everyone to feel welcome and to have a great time.

There were even step-by-step choreography videos online to help you learn the routines – so so fun!

Glee Flash Mob Seattle '12

Jared Jones (choreographer), Egan Orion (producer), me, Beth Meberg (choreographer)

It was such a great experience.  You meet such cool people all doing the same thing – wanting to get together just to have fun and spread some joy!

"Come on baby, let's do the twist."

Kristi and I hanging with our new fabulous friend, Nicole (middle).

We did do this mob a couple more times that day. There was even a marriage proposal at the second one, and the third one was really special because it brought awareness to the It Gets Better Project.

Check out the You Tube video my husband recorded here:

Have you ever been in a flash mob or wanted to be a part of one?


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