BOSU Pilates Workout

It’s great to change up your pilates routine with different pieces of equipment. This will challenge different muscles which will help you break through those fitness plateaus. The BOSU Balance Trainer adds instability which will make these exercises more difficult. You can find the BOSU Balance Trainer on Amazon here.

Start all these exercises below from the floor first. When completed successfully, try adding the BOSU.  Your goal is to keep your spine as still as possible as your arms or legs move (except for the reverse crunches).  You will be targeting all the muscles of your core along with your hips and thighs. Yay!

BOSU Pilates Workout

*BOSU Pilates Workout:

  1. Stand tall beside the BOSU, close your eyes and focus on your breath.  Inhale through your nose and powerfully exhale through your mouth 3x contracting your abs in 100% (without rounding your spine).
  2. Sit on the BOSU, your butt should be right in the center.
  3. Roll behind your sit bones with your abs in tight, chest open, shoulders back and down, and lift your heels. Slowly alternate straightening the legs (the start of Open Leg Rocker) while keeping one toe on the floor and keep your hips as still as possible -fight the wobbling!  Alternate the legs slowly for 12 repetitions. If you can alternate the legs easily without much wobbling, then try to alternate your legs without touching the floor. If you are successful with that, then slowly lift both legs at the same time.  Please note:  the 2 leg challenge for the Open Leg Rocker is an advanced exercise!
  4. Go into a side kneeling position with your hand directly under your shoulder.  You can place your hand on a book or yoga block if needed (for Side Kneeling Leg Lifts).  Contract your glutes and keep your chest open as you as you lift and lower your leg – only lifting your leg to the height of your body.  Reach your leg as long as possible with each leg lift.  Perform 8-12 reps on each leg.
  5. Go back to a seated position on the BOSU.
  6. Place your elbows on the floor and lift your chest.  Straighten out your legs for Supine Leg Lifts (easier: keep one foot on the floor).  Kick your right  leg up and down 4-8 times while keeping your upper body still.  Don’t collapse your spine as you kick.
  7. Scoot forward with your hips lower on the BOSU (hips centered on top or higher will make the exercise more difficult).  Straighten out your left leg and press your heel down actively into the ground.  Start in a crunch position (Opposite Arm-Leg Reverse Crunches) with arms forward like you are pressing a beach ball.  Lower your upper body down and reach your right arm overhead. Crunch and bring your right hand to its starting position.  Repeat the left leg/right arm crunches 4-8 times.  Switch legs and repeat with the left arm.
  8. Turn over in a modified plank position with your hips centered on top of the BOSU.  Keep your shoulders retracted and depressed with your neck in a neutral position.  Abs in tight!
  9. Keep your legs stick-straight as you click your heels together fast for Heel Beats. Don’t bend your knees as you do this.  Take slow, deep breaths as you click your heels 50-100 times.
  10. From the heel beats, transition to the Single Leg Kicks.  Pretend you are kicking your butt in a double kick pattern.  Flex your foot as you kick your butt, point your toes as you kick your butt, then straighten out your leg. Alternate your legs for 8-12 reps.  Say to yourself, “Flex, point, down”.  Do it fast and your goal is to fight your body from bouncing.  Keep your abs in tight and squeeze your butt!
  11. Push yourself back up to your feet and stand tall.
  12. Inhale and raise your arms overhead, exhale as you lower your arms back down.  Repeat for 3-5 breaths and you are done!

*Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.

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