One Dumbbell for Total Body Strength

I love training with dumbbells.  They are a space saver and so versatile.

*Below are three of my favorite exercises using only one dumbbell and working the entire body.

Squat To Overhead Press:  

Step 1:  Notice how I’m holding the weight like it’s a medicine ball.  Press your hands into the dumbbell pretty hard, abdominals engaged, shoulders down, feet positioned wider than your hips.

Step 2:  Your chest is lifted, and press your heels down as you lower into the squat.  Don’t round your back.

Step 3:  As you bring the weight overhead, continue pressing your hands into the weight and depress your shoulders away from your ears.  You can add balance here too by shifting your weight to one leg and stabilizing on one leg for 2-5 seconds before lowering back into the squat.


One-Legged Deadlift

Start by standing tall.  Slowly lower down towards the ground as pictured below.  As long as you have good form (not rounding your back), go as low as you can.  Come all the way back up to work your glute.  You can keep your back toe on the ground for more stability.


Squat And Lift

Start in a squat position (like the first exercise) and end in triple extension. Notice how I pivot off my back leg, keeping it straight.  Also, notice how I need to use more sunless tanner?!

Always start with a light dumbbell, adding weight as you are successful.

*Please see your physician before starting any new exercise program.


13 thoughts on “One Dumbbell for Total Body Strength

  1. From over here on this little schooner (I’m waving…look over your right shoulder!)…Awesome moves! Simple, efficient and they travel anywhere and everywhere you go.

  2. I am reminded that I have a place like this 30 minutes from home (there is part of my brisk walking routine, isn’t it?). During the summer months I use my bicycle to get here but it’s usually at least a 45 minute cycling to go along the trail eastwards once I reach the lake just walking south of home. Too bad the weather isn’t that wonderful that I’d like to go there now and better go there when the washrooms are open.

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