Glee Flash Mob 2013 in Seattle

The 4th annual Glee Flashmob in Seattle happened this month.

This was my second year participating – so much fun!


This was at The Fremont Sunday Market – this picture says it all! I was way off to the right on the other side of the tents. It was fun to hear and see everyone’s reactions – “What’s going on?!” and “This is crazy!”.




The choreographers: Beth Meberg (in middle) and Jared Jones


Second guy from bottom left wearing the navy tee is Egan Orion (Producer). I’m the purple head in the top left hand corner and my fun friend, Kim is right behind me. This mob was at Westlake Center.

All Above Photos Courtesy of Joseph Lambert at Jazzy Photo. Click on any above picture to see more amazing photos from Jazzy Photo. 

PicMonkey Collage

Kim and I having fun (being gleeks).

The whole experience is amazing, spreading joy and happiness to everyone.

Are you ready to see the official video??? Check it out!

*If you ever have the chance to do a flash mob – DO IT!

*See Mob The World for more info.


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