Friday, Leg Workout Day!

Today is a great day to fit in fitness!

First warm up for 5-10 minutes, and now let’s add some resistance to the 5 point balance exercise (from Wednesday’s post).

Grab a small towel and stand on a smooth surface. Put most your weight on your left leg with the towel under your right foot. Press your right foot into the towel – press hard!

Glide foot out to 12,3,6,8, & 10 o’clock, returning foot back to start in between each position.

5 Point Towel Glide


The harder you press into the towel, the more resistance you create.  Do 5-10 rounds on one leg, then repeat with the opposite leg.

You may recognize a couple of these pictures from earlier posts.  Next, do a set of squats with or without weights…

side lunges

wall sit, holding position for up to a minute (or longer)…

…finish off by lying on your side for inner and outer thigh leg lifts.

Have a great Friday and a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Friday, Leg Workout Day!

  1. Hi Joy
    Great simple exercises. One of my preferred leg exercises is the “Toe Touch drill”. Very simple put it is single leg squats where the free leg is broad as far out as possible (either forward, to the side, back or in oblique angles). This will give a much harder workout than most weighted exercises and really build strong and stable leg.
    Enjoy your workouts

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