Squat Variations Part 2: Balance and Movement

After looking at the different squat stances in part 1, now we get into the balance and movement components of the exercise.

Your body moves forward, backward, sideways, and twists.  So it is important to incorporate these moves into your exercises.  Balance is also extremely important.  Even walking, you are balancing from one leg to the next.

*One-Legged Squat:  Only lift one foot a couple inches off the floor to keep your hips in alignment.  Keep your knee strong and stable as you squat (don’t let your knee cave in towards the mid-line of your body).  If it is too challenging, try keeping your toe on the ground.


Wide Squat with Trunk Rotation:  The key is to keep your weight even on both legs as you go down and reach towards one foot.  Remember, your obliques are what create the rotation, not your back.

Need it easier?  Try modifying it by reaching towards the inside of your knee.

You can make this exercise harder by adding a dumbbell or kettlebell.  Place one dumbbell down on the ground by your foot.  Next time you go down into your squat, pick the weight back up.


Squat into Triple Extension (hip, knee, ankle):  Golfers, tennis players, gardeners, and anyone who performs repetitive rotational moves should do this exercise.  Squat down like you normally would, but come up and pivot off your back leg.


Squat into 1 Leg Balance:  There are so many ways to do this – squat to knee lift, squat to leg lift (shown), squat to front/side/back kick, squat to heel touch (in front or behind), and the list goes on.

*Remember to consult your doctor before starting any new fitness program.


11 thoughts on “Squat Variations Part 2: Balance and Movement

  1. I always enjoy reading your blog and your exercises. I have a scratch pad that I right a lot of them down and take them with me to the exercise room. Thank you.

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