Fitness Flexibility: Make it Happen with These 5 Exercises!

Are you the “workout-and-go” type with no flexibility in your routine?

If you add just four extra minutes to your workouts, your body will function better for every activity you do. Think about it, four minutes is just one more song added to your playlist!

Add these 5 exercises below for more joint mobility and efficiency of movement:


1. Hamstring Stretch (back of the thigh)

  • You can stretch one leg at a time or both at the same time.
  • Reach your heels away from you.
  • Then push your tailbone back (opposite direction).

2. Hip Stretch

  • Cross the right ankle over left knee.
  • Reach through and grab hold of the back of your left thigh (you’ll feel the stretch through your right hip).
  • For a deeper stretch, flex both feet (helps protect your ankle and knee) and hold your left shin.
  • Keep pressing your tailbone down and your chest remains open.


3. Inner Thigh Stretch

  • First, sit tall with your heels pressed together.
  • Lean forward any amount that is comfortable.
  • For a deeper stretch, press elbows down on your inner thighs.

4. Seated Side Bend

  • Sit tall in a ‘V’ position and bend right knee in.
  • Reach right hand up (palm facing away) towards the sky.
  • Slowly side bend to the left, keeping your chest open towards the sky
  • Focus on lengthening the right side of your torso and keep your right hip rooted down towards the ground.
  • Don’t jam your spine.

5. Seated Twist

  • Sit tall with your legs crossed.
  • Which ever leg is forward, twist in that same direction.
  • Chest is open and stay tall through the twist.
  • Shoulders are pressed down away from your ears.
  • Don’t jam your neck or spine – keep it easy.

Hold each stretch for at least 20-30 seconds and focus on your breath (don’t exaggerate your breathing). Don’t overstretch to the point of pain, this causes the muscle to automatically contract to protect itself. The point of stretching is to relax and elongate the muscle.

If you would rather do your stretches from a chair, then do stretches from this post here.

Special thanks to my little photographer. Here’s his self portrait…

Happy Monday!


9 thoughts on “Fitness Flexibility: Make it Happen with These 5 Exercises!

  1. These are indeed excellent streching exercises! but unfortunately I cant bring myself to do them on my own… only when I have the time to go to stretching classes at the gym,( which is not that often, mind you). Thanks for the remainder. Sara

    • I totally get it, but I have to stretch after every workout. If I don’t, my body is a mess. I always have a slow song that I love at the end of my playlist so that I do it! 🙂

  2. A while back in one of the posts in my blog, you had suggested that I do interval training while brisk walking. I have done this with Stationary Bike and I see a difference in sweating and the calories burned! Before stretching, I need to use the massage machine. The piriformis muscle and hamstrings are in the state of contraction pretty much all day.

      • I am! I am at the Y at least 2 to 3 hours.Of course, that’s usually because I brisk walk to there and back, treadmill (30 min), elliptical trainer (30 min) and stationary bike (30 minutes). Yesterday, I did Pilates class and Arriba class, brisk walking and then the elliptical trainer. I think I’ll stop the treadmill for a while.

  3. I’ve really noticed my flexibility becoming more and more limited at this new stage/age of life. I still stretch almost daily and I still wake up feeling stiff at times. I like these stretches. I think I will add a couple to my routine.

  4. waaaaaaaaa, I want to hang over an ocean when I stretch too…maybe then I would take the suggested 4-5 minutes to do it properly!
    Thank you for the gentle reminder in a post.

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