Reebok ZQuick Running Shoe Review

Reebok ZQuick ReviewI’ve had my eye on the Reebok ZQuick Running Shoe lately, so thought I’d give them a try.

Reebok ZQuick Review 1

Reebok ZQuick Review 2

They are a super light and extremely flexible shoe that run true to size. The entire front of the shoe is fabric. Honestly, with how flexible they are and the fabric choice used, I wouldn’t consider them a running shoe at all. I also wouldn’t use them for any sort of plyometrics (jumping) or agility training either (changing direction without losing speed).

I do usually love the Reebok brand. The ATV 19s, Zigtechs, and Smoothflex are all great shoes for running, and other medium to higher intensity cardio. This ZQuick style limits the activities you can actually do in them.

The Reebok ZQuicks are good for:

  • low-intensity walking
  • using a rowing machine
  • using a elliptical machine
  • lifting weights

If you stick to these 4 low impact activities listed above, then you have yourself some cool kicks that will definitely turn some heads.

Men’s styles also available.

You can check out all the colors and details on Amazon here.


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