Be a Cheerleader for Your Kids!

This is for all the parents of young athletes out there…

I live in a suburb of Seattle that is hyper-focused on athletics – it’s actually a little crazy!  I’m all for having your kids in a sport or healthy activity that they enjoy doing, but some parents take it a little too far.


I watched a great news special the other night that was all about young athletes (aired 2/12/13 on KOMO 4). The show talked about a variety of issues that kids have to deal with in athletics –  injuries, assessments, nutrition, and the parent’s role in their lives. It’s that last topic that I want to focus on right now.

One of the segments of the show featured the book,

*The Car Ride Home
You, Your Child & Youth Sports
By Mike Bergstrom

Mike coached soccer for twenty years and wrote this book after witnessing too many parents not being supportive of their kids.

He told a story of a dad that would get too upset at the games and couldn’t ride in the same car with his daughter on the way home.

He also witnessed a girl who scored three goals, but after the game, all her dad could focus on were the two goals she should’ve had.

The Car Ride Home gives simple reminders about the parents role in their child’s athletic life. Parents need to be their guardian, chauffeur, and their cheerleader. Mike says a cheerleader does nothing but cheer and encourage.  I love that!

So, do it!  Be your kid’s cheerleader, be supportive of their interests (music, art, athletics, whatever), and enjoy your time together.

*Please go to for more info. It’s worth checking out!


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