CMY5K: Running in Color Craziness!

We had another color splash 5K this weekend in Seattle at Magnuson Park.

Here we are before the race, dressed in white and ready for color!

Note: If you decide to do one of these in your area, put argan oil in your hair so that the color washes out easier, and use a disposable camera for pictures.

Back to the race: Gun goes off without any countdown or warning, then you are off!   Much crazier than the actual Color Run back in May.  They bomb you with color at every splash zone.  It’s a really fine colored powder, same stuff that they use at The Color Run too.  My guess is a colored cornstarch, but I’m not sure.

At then end of the run, there is a color throw party.  We didn’t quite make it to this one in the picture below (color throw parties happened every 15 minutes).

Here’s what we looked like at the end (left to right) me, Lisa, Dabney, and Stacy.

The color does rub off easily and after you take a shower, there is no evidence that you did this crazy fun run!


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