TKO Soft Grip Jump Rope Review & How To

TKO Soft Grip Jump Rope Review

I was so excited to try out the new TKO Soft Grip Jump Rope (courtesy of Lipton Publicity, Inc. for review) and it doesn’t disappoint!  This rope is built for speed and it’s such a great way to get in your cardio training.

TKO Soft Grip Jump Rope Grips

The grips are surprisingly super comfortable and easy to grip. Notice (above) the ends do pop off if you need to adjust the length. When gripping the jump rope, don’t have a death grip – keep it light and easy.

TKO Soft Grip Jump Rope Length

When you step on your rope, it should come to your armpits.

TKO Soft Grip Jump Rope Double Foot

The key points of sucess to jump roping are:

  • Having a good jump rope (like this one).  If the rope is too flimsy or not built right then they are almost impossible to jump over.
  • Stay light on your feet and only jump a couple inches off the ground.
  • Keep shoulders and arms relaxed at your side with your wrist motions small to be as efficient and as quick as possible.  No need to do big pumps with your arms.
  • Keep abs in, chest open, and knees soft.
  • Have fun!

Like everything, jump rope takes practice. There are so many ways to jump a jump rope – alternating legs, double foot (above), 1 leg, double unders, scissors, jacks, side to side, forward back, and really any combination you can think of.  If you get frustrated or need to change it up, add in some agility drills…

TKO Soft Grip Jump Rope Agility Drills

Setting the jump rope in a “U” shape allows for more options. Treat it as if it was agility ladder and alternate your feet in the center and to the outside of the jump rope (in-in out-out drill), do double foot hops side-to-side, or face sideways and try small scissors.  The possibilities are endless, just pick a pattern, stick with it, and speed it up as you are successful.

If you need a jump rope, I really do strongly suggest trying this one out!  It does come in dark blue and purple too at Macy’s here.

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