Workout on the Mat

Workout on the Mat
Do a full workout on your mat with no other equipment required. Yay!

Staggered Arm Plank (targets core): Change up your planks by staggering your arms to challenge your muscles differently. Keep shoulders down away from ears and chest open. Hold 15-60 seconds. You can lower to your knees to change arm position.

Bent Arm Bird Dog (targets core, glutes, and back): Keep abs in as you lengthen one leg behind you. Slowly bend elbow and lift your arm as high as possible. Hold for 10 seconds. Lower arm back down, then lower the leg.

Modified Side Plank (targets side of waist and shoulders): Cross your top leg over your bottom with your foot flat. Raise hips up and lift away from your shoulder. Hold for 15-60 seconds.

Workout on the Mat 1
Staggered Arm Push Ups (targets chest, triceps, shoulders, and core): Try your push-ups with a staggered arm position. Start small and modify from knees. Do not shrug your shoulders.

Side Lying Leg Scissors (targets hips, glutes, and core): Lay on your side, lift your legs and pretend you are walking slowly. Start with a small range of motion, but make it bigger with each rep.

Bridge with Alertnating Arms (targets glutes, back, and shoulders): Lift hips into a bridge and raise one arm overhead. Press arms down into the ground as hard as you can for 10 seconds. Switch arms, repeat.

Supine Single Leg Lower (targets core): Lie on your back with your legs up towards the ceiling. Bring arms overhead as far as possible without shrugging. Slower alternate lowering the legs down. Modify by bending your knees. Make harder by lowering both legs at the same time.

Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.

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