Burn Calories with This Water Workout!

Hit the Pool!

Temperatures are warm in Seattle, so that means hitting the pool for your workouts (and no, it’s not just for seniors)!  Even if you aren’t swimmer, there are plenty of exercises you can do to get your heart rate up. Water running is a perfect way to cross-train to prevent injuries and I promise you will burn a ton of calories!

Water running

If you are in shallow water, wear a good water shoe which will help give you traction and support since you aren’t 100% buoyant.  If you are in deep water, wear a swim belt which will help you focus on your form.

Here’s a sample shallow water workout you can do in a pool or at the lake…

Shallow Water Workout

Water Exercise Quick Tips:

  • Water walking: A great way to warm up and cool down (about 5 minutes).
  • Jumping jacks: Keep arms down, working through the water.
  • High knees: Can be done with or without a bounce.
  • Kicks: Kick low & fast or high & slow – change it up!
  • Tuck Jumps:  As you jump either push arms down by your side or increase difficulty by pressing arms overhead as you jump.  Listen to your body.  If jumps are too much, just alternate a high knee while pressing arms down.
  • Tire run:  Keep legs wide as you run with high knees.
  • Backwards & Sideways:  Add it in to challenge your muscles differently.  This is a great way to cross train, runners!
  • Frog jumps:  Jump & reach for the inside of your feet.  Make easier by bringing one foot up at a time.
  • Jump Twists:  Abs in and exaggerate the motion to work your waist.  Keep abs in tight!

Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.


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