DVD Review: Yoga for Strength with Vytas Baskauskas


Yoga for Strength with Vytas Review

Yoga for Strength DVD Review

Anyone else remember this guy, Vytas, from Survivor (he’ll be on the reality show this season too)? I took one of his classes at the Yoga Is Online Conference and was pleasantly surprised, so I knew I had to try this DVD!

Here’s the Pros and Cons of Yoga for Strength with Vytas Baskauskas…


  • Solid instructor with excellent instruction on form to keep you safe. I guarantee you will pick up at least one new tip on alignment that you may benefit from your own practice.
  • Lots of core work which will build your foundation for your practice.  There are over a 100 “yoga-style bicycles” in a row.  As soon as he started counting, I figured out what we were in for!
  • There are two practices on this DVD, a 43 min intermediate level strength practice followed by a 15 min beginner-friendly core practice (Survivor fans will recognize his brother in this core practice).
  • Ladies, you’re more likely to get your husband/boyfriend to try yoga if there are guys in the video.
  • It’s a quality video production.


  • There’s only one con – no music!  I wished there was just something light in the background.

I like doing yoga-style core work for something different.  It’s good to slow things down a bit and really focus on strength. It’s definitely worth the $10 I paid at Amazon.


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