First Days of Summer Workout!

Yay, it’s officially summer!  Time to hit the beach for your workouts.

First Days of Summer Workout

This *First Days of Summer Workout will target cardio, strength (emphasis on core and booty), and flexibility.  Get lean, get fit!!

First Days of Summer Workout

Workout Quick Tips:

  • When walking on the beach, don’t make it a Sunday stroll – move!
  • When jogging, I wrote paved trail, but dirt works too!  🙂
  • Stay tall and keep front heel down when doing walking lunges.
  • When alternating push ups and sit ups, transition as fast as you can, but do the movements as controlled as you can.
  • Keep weight on your heels with plié squats (also known as frog squats).  Toes are pointing out and feet are wider than your shoulders.
  • Modify the pilates 100 by keeping your feet down in a crunch position as you pump your arms. Lift legs up to sky (lower to a point that’s a challenge) to increase the difficulty.  Teaser is basically a full sit up – really controlled with no momentum. If you have low back issues, stay low by just lifting shoulder blades off floor – no full crunch.  Photo details for the pilates exercises are here and here.
  • It’ll take you about 40-45 minutes to complete this workout depending on how long you stretch afterwards.
  • If you need a stretch routine, check out yoga twists.

*Consult your physician before starting this or any new exercise program.



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