Be Led by Joy

Be Led by Joy Find Your Joy

Life is short, make it count.  Be led by what brings you joy.

Spending a little time in nature is a must for me every week.  I don’t even know how many times I have parked at this mini parking lot close to my house (to take a walk through one of my dream neighborhoods) and have never stepped foot on this trail at Hazel Wolf Wetlands Preserve near Beaver Lake in Sammamish.  I didn’t even know it was here.  Thanks for the heads up on this place, Beth!  When you get on the bridge above, look for the beaver dams, actually they are beaver mansions!!

Be Led by Joy Mindfulness in Nature

Be Led by Joy Beauty in Nature

Be Led by Joy Look up

Be Led by Joy in Nature

Be Led by Joy Listen to Nature

If I didn’t hear the sound of the lawn mower in the distance,  I would have taken video so you could hear all the birds, it was pretty amazing!

Be Led by Joy

My only warning is the trail is overgrown, so wear long sleeves and pants.  No bikes or even joggers are allowed on this trail.  Slow down and enjoy the peace this preserve brings!

Go to Washington Trails Association’s website here for detailed instructions on how to get there.

Have a joyful day!!


4 thoughts on “Be Led by Joy

  1. Your photos this morning are awesomely beautiful—NATURE AT IT’S FINEST! Thanks for sharing…LV U GIRLS N GUYS!

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