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I finished the Yoga Is Online Conference and wanted to tell you about the experience and that it’s still not too late to sign up yourself!  For $40 you get access to 34 teachers with 30 minute interviews and/or classes from each instructor with continued access to these classes and interviews for years to come.

It’s actually better than a live conference in some ways for these reasons:

  • You get to experience all the classes and interviews.
  • You can do a class you like over and over.
  • You learn from some of the top yoga instructors in the industry.
  • You don’t have to sit through or waste your time with classes (styles) you don’t care for.

I think $40 (yes, I paid for it) is well worth the 14 hours of classes you get from over 30 top instructors. Instructors include Rodney & Colleen Yee, Seane Corn, Baron Baptiste, Kathryn Budig, and Shiva Rea – just to name a few.

Just like any other exercise format, you are going to have styles you like and styles you don’t.  Here’s a photo collage of some of my experience:

Yoga Is Online Conference Experience

Some of my favorite classes that I will be doing again (or already have) are:

  • Colleen Saidman Yee’s The Sequencing of Emotions Class (she uses the wall in this practice – very unique).
  • Baron Baptiste’s Energize & Elevate Class (a solid power yoga practice).
  • Dr. Sarah Gottfried’s Yoga for Balancing Hormones ( I loved this and I will be buying her books too – reviews on that coming soon).
  • Alexandria Crow’s Yoga for Anxiety (openers for the splits).
  • Vytas Baskauskus (you may remember him from Survivor) Modern Vinyasa Yoga with awesome tips to stay safe in your practice.

A special shout out to one of the instructors Suzanne Bryant who hosted the event and led the interviews.  She did an awesome job with all the interviews and wasn’t afraid to add to the conversation – I loved that!

For many people, yoga is a spiritual journey more than a fitness practice.  You will get that experience, if you choose to, in this conference as well.  I am a Christian, so some of it I take in, some of it I leave at the door.  Side note: if you are Christian and looking to add a spiritual component to your practice, you should read the meditation chapter in the book, Holy Yoga.

I really did enjoy so many of the instructors and learned some more things to strengthen my own yoga practice. I highly recommend it and can’t wait for the next conference coming this fall!  You can still sign up for this Yoga Is Online Conference here.


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