Total Body Bar Exercises 

Total Body Bar Exercises

*Get your workouts done fast with these 6 bar exercises that train the entire body!

**Exercise details below from video clockwise from top left:

Warrior Shoulder Press & Twist:  Position your lower body into a warrior two position (back foot turns in approximately 15 degrees and front foot at 90 degrees) with your bent knee directly over the ankle and plant the outside of your back foot down.  Perform a shoulder press with the bar then slowly turn your body towards your front leg with your chest open.  Repeat for 15 reps; switch sides and repeat.

Side Lunge Reach to Balance Front Kick:  Perform a side lunge while reaching the end of the bar towards the ground. Pull bar back up and balance.  Repeat and add a front kick/knee extension as successful.  Repeat for 15 reps on each side.

1 Arm Bicep Curls with Balance:  Center the bar in one hand while you perform bicep curls and balance on one foot.  If bar is too heavy, you can use your other hand to “help” you (shown in video).

Over the Shoulder Bar Squats:  Keep your shoulders level as you place the bar over your shoulder.  Do 15 controlled squats, then switch the bar to the opposite shoulder.

Overhead Tricep Extensions with Stationary Lunges:  You have to go slow with this exercise so the bar doesn’t swing and hit your body.  Hold the end of a lighter bar overhead with your elbows in and shoulders down away from your ears.  Stand in a staggered stance and lower into a lunge as you perform slow tricep extensions.  You can do one arm extensions to increase difficulty.

Stork & High Row:   Hinge from your hips as you extend your leg back.  With your hands wide on the bar, row the bar to your chest to train your upper back. Do not shrug your shoulders!

Bonus Video:  3 Way Deadbug for the Core!

*Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.

**Videos won’t show up on emailed posts.  You will need to click through to blog to see videos.


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