Family Time Photos: Mountain Biking Bellingham 

Dog Patch

Lost GiantsLook!Bunny TrailsFamily fun at BellinghamBellingham Mountain Bike Trails

If you are looking for some family time adventure, you can go to Bellingham (Galbraith Mountain) and mountain bike the Bunny Trails, Dog Patch, and Lost Giants Trails. Those trails are a little more beginner/family friendly. It is sad that they clear-cut all those trees, but at least they were nice enough to keep the trails clear for bikers. These iphone photos aren’t the best quality, but at least you get the idea of what it’s like there.


Click here for directions to Galbraith Mountain.

Happy biking!


3 thoughts on “Family Time Photos: Mountain Biking Bellingham 

  1. These are really great ideas for hikin’ n bikin’ trails…ALWAYS GREAT PHOTOS

    Yes… It is sad to see so much clear cutting of those beautiful multi’generational trees. .On our last trip down through logging country toward the Wa. & Oregon beaches that we loves so much it alarming to see
    soooooo many trees thaat had been wacked away and then sent to places throughout the world.

    Almost like a slap in the face when you see just how stupidly clever the logging companies think they are…when they leave just barely enough trees…than line the roadways—-JUST IN ORDER TO HIDE THEIR HORRIFIC HACKIN’ of our beautiful forests,,,
    Again on that las trip we noticed that even some clear cutting had taken place just barely inside some of the national forest boundy lines? Again Joy! Love this posts about your recent vacations and weekend treck’s.

    Love ya…Great seeing you yesterday!

  2. Opps! I need to do more editing…but on that last post of mine….It just make me so upset to see all that clear cutting of our NW treasure of trees in photos is always so alarming.
    Maybe on the next trip down to Oregon through logging country (and just maybe) we will see that they are getting ready to replant those clear cut trees—– that just maybe in another 3 generations…those beautiful trees will make a come back?

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