Yoga for Colds & A Yoga App Review

I had a horrible cold while we were on our spring break trip. I was desperate to try anything, so I researched some yoga poses from some of my yoga training material that were suppose to help relieve cold and sinus symptoms.

These four poses worked best to relieve cold symptoms:

  1. Forward fold
  2. Wide angle forward fold
  3. Headstand (forearm version is easiest for me)
  4. Bridge


With the first three poses, you feel relief when you get back into an upright position. I noticed the best results with the headstand. I would go upside down for about 30-45 seconds, return to hero’s pose (kneeling), blow my nose, then go back into a headstand again repeating the sequence 2-3 times. You feel instant relief when you are in bridge pose, so end your practice with that one.

I did these poses first thing in the morning and right before bed. The negative is that the effects would only last 15-30 minutes – but that’s 15-30 minutes of actually being able to breathe!

Yoga on the Road

Yoga Studio Review

I’ve been really good lately with staying consistent with my yoga practice and didn’t want to lose that while on vacation. I downloaded a yoga app, Yoga Studio, to try out while on the road.

I planned ahead and downloaded four 10-minute practices from Yoga Studio to my phone which take up very little storage. I knew I could also combine practices if we had time and were just chilling at the hotel. Practices range from 10-60 minutes for beginners through advanced levels.

Even though I can do a practice on my own (and actually teach others), I like doing videos so that I can just focus on the poses and not think about what I’m going to do next. The 10-minute practices were solid and well balanced. I did incorporate triangle and my poses for colds into these routines as well.  You can easily pause the videos.

Here’s the negative…the instructor ‘s voice is really fake and annoying (sorry if you are the instructor and reading this, but just talk normal!). So, with that said, I couldn’t get myself to review longer videos. I just couldn’t do it.

It was convenient and the practices were great though. I would do the 10-minute routines again when traveling.


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