Core Exercise: Warrior Combo

Warrior ComboThis core stability and balance exercise is perfect as part of your warm up or cooldown for any workout routine. It’s a cross between yoga and pilates and since it is a three part move, I thought a video would be best.

Core Exercise:  Warrior Combo Video (Below)

Your core is make up of all the muscles between your hips and shoulders.  Focus on controlled movement and pretend you are moving through water as you perform the exercise.

To make easier: Find a focal point in front of you and fix your eyes on that spot.  Do knee-kick-knee, then tap foot down before going into warrior 3.

To make harder: Make movements bigger and hold warrior 3 longer. You can also stand on a foam pad to increase difficulty as well.

I just taught classes and trained clients, so I know I’m looking pretty gross – yikes!

April showers bring May flowers – Happy April 1st!!


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