Active Style: It’s Springtime! 

Active Style for SpringTulipsTulipsPolar heart rate monitorTulips in SunshineActive Style for SpringtimeYesterday was a busy day mainly coaching fitness classes and clients. I was feeling the spring in the air and decided to wear an outfit that was bright and colorful (opposite of my go-to black on black).  These clothes are more geared for hikes or walks and they allowed me enough freedom of movement to demonstrate exercises.  PrAna has tons of new styles that fit that description – no, I’m not getting paid to say that – I just really like their line.  I also wanted to wear my Polar heart rate monitor so that I could fit in some short cardio drills when I could and try to push my intensity more than I probably would have without it.  Remember, every cardio activity you do throughout the day adds up to increase your overall health and fitness.  It all accumulates for increasing calorie burn and heart health!

Outfit Details: 

prAna capris  |  prAna top  |  prAna hoodie  |  Adidas Climacool shoes (similar here)  |  Polar Heart Rate Monitor

Here’s some fit-in-fitness cardio drills that I did yesterday at random times throughout the day:

  • Walked to pick up my son from school (1.5 miles total).
  • Ran up and down stairs 2-3 times instead of just going down or just going up once.
  • 20 jumping jacks (3 sets)
  • 20 high knees (3 sets)
  • 20 buttkickers (5 sets)
  • 15 minute family bike ride after dinner.

Now it’s time to tackle that yard this weekend – yikes!  🙂

Have a great weekend!!



5 thoughts on “Active Style: It’s Springtime! 

  1. Beautiful! LV the great COLOR shots…Truly makes ya feel like Spring is finally arriving (at least here in the NW?

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