Box Step Exercises using One Weight

Box Step Exercises using 1 Weight

You only need one weight and a sturdy box or step platform for these four total-body exercises.  Start with a light dumbbell and add weight as you are successful.

The exercises shown in the video clip below start at easiest intensity and progress in difficulty.  You can stay at the lower level until you feel ready to add it in.

1.  1 Arm Row to Step Behinds (top left in video clip):  Start with just the one arm row and add the step behinds as you feel ready – making the steps bigger and bigger to really target your glutes!

2.  Side Squat to Overhead Press to optional Power (top right in video clip): Press your hands into the weight and keep your shoulders retracted and depressed with abs in.  Start slow and speed up as you feel comfortable.

3.  Straddle Squat to Reach Outs to optional Power (bottom left in video clip):  Reaching the weight down at  an angle is easier – straight out is more difficult.  Power jumps are just an option, but land softly.

4.  Seated Weight Transfer (bottom right in video clip):  Keep your abs in, heels digging into the ground, and hips on platform as you transfer the weight from side to side.  Keeping the weight closer is easier with feet wide.  Feet in or one leg is more challenging and keep trying to take the weight farther away from the body or twisting behind but make sure to keep sit bones down on the platform.

I thought I’d try a video collage instead of the photos for these exercises.  It was my first video collage, shocker, I know!  😉

*Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.


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