3 Months till Summer: Running Drills!

Running drills 3 months till summerSummer weather is 3 months away – yikes!  Reading that should motivate you to switch up your cardio program!!  You don’t have to be an elite athlete to do running drills. They help to break the monotony of your workouts and push through fitness plateaus.  Not a runner?  You can still perform these drills at a lower intensity by walking at a different speeds instead. Here’s a few you can try…

Start Ups!

Running Drill Start Ups

Start ups are a great drill to make the time fly by (see above photo).  When you accelerate, start from an easy jog intensity and building to a sprint – it should take you the entire 30 seconds to get to the sprint.  When you hit your sprint (fast) pace, you hold it for 30 seconds.  Focus on driving back with your elbows. Back off to your easy jog for at least one minute before repeating the sequence.

 10 Second Push!

The 10 Second Push is another great one to take your mind off the actually run.  You have mini 10-second high intensity bursts to help push you to that next level!

Warm up:  5-10 minutes at a slower pace and intensity.

10 Second Push:  “Push” your speed the first 10 seconds of each minute then back off to a moderate pace for the last 50 seconds; repeat.  Push 10 seconds, back off 50 seconds, push 10, back off 50.  You don’t need to look at your watch during those 10 seconds – just count it out to yourself.  Start conservative and have a plan on how many you are going to accomplish.  Let’s say you want to do twelve 10-second pushes, start your first set of four 10-second rounds fast, second set of four faster, and your last set of four should be a full-out effort sprint. Those 12 pushes would total out to be 2 minutes of sprinting outside your comfort zone to burn more calories and fat than if you just stayed at that sustained moderate level.  Get it?

Cool down:  10 minutes at a slow intensity & Stretch!

1 Arm Wall Push

Running Drill 1 Arm Wall Push for Core Stability

With your 1 Arm Wall Push (details in above photo), you need to pretend you are trying to push through the wall!

*Consult your physician before starting any new fitness program.

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