Jillian Michaels: Killer Body Review


Get ready for spring training with this new fitness DVD from Jillian Michaels!

Killer Body DVD Review

Killer Body DVD Back Cover

This DVD has three 30-minute workouts on it (core, upper, and lower body) and are meant to be done twice a week per workout. You would do core on Monday and Thursdays, lower body on Tuesday and Fridays, and upper body on Wednesday and Saturdays.

These intermediate to advanced workouts are more strength focused with very little cardio. Ideally, I feel you would need to add in more cardio of your choice with these workouts. Like her other workouts, there is a modifier and advanced level instructor to follow as well.

All three of these workouts are designed in a circuit format and you do two sets of each group of exercises. Here’s a little more detail on each workout:


After warming up, you perform exercises in all planes of motion to train your entire body. This means you will move, forward and back, side to side, and twist from standing positions to seated positions to floor positions to work your entire core.


There are lots of push ups – you’ve been warned! You can do the push ups from a higher surface or even against a wall though to make easier. She actually does a push up variation for triceps that I have never done before, the Cross Push up. You actually cross one arm over the other and bend and straighten your elbows. Nice! There are also some boxing style exercises in this workout as well.


After warming up with some kickboxing exercises, you are ready to work those legs. Lots of squat and lunge variations with a blend of some yoga style moves such as chair pose and warrior 3.

A couple notes with the core workout:

  1. Two of the warm up exercises only work one side of body (video editing glitch?), so you need to do about 8 reps of the knee drive exercises and switch legs to keep it balanced.
  2. If you are sensitive to level changes and quick full body turns like some of my clients, you can modify a couple exercises even more. Another modification you could do for the Roll Back-Stand up exercise is to roll back, then roll up to a v sit (make it harder by keeping arms out to side or up overhead). Another modification for the Full Sit up to Plank w/ Knee Pull would be to do a full sit up just to a side plank variation.

Check out the video trailer from Collage Video here:

Overall, I do really like this workout. It’s fun and as challenging as you want to make it! I do feel like you actually fatigue your muscles more than some of her other workouts. This will help you achieve your “killer body”.

I bought my copy from Amazon for about $12 here.


4 thoughts on “Jillian Michaels: Killer Body Review

  1. Great review! I like Jillian’s workouts but they really tire me out (blame it on all the push ups!). It doesn’t take long to feel results though, and that’s pretty motivating.

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