“Let’s Go to the Park” Workout

St Eds Park WorkoutIt is going to be a gorgeous weekend – in the 60’s!  Round up the kids and head to the park for your workout.  You might just be surprised, they’ll probably want to do the exercises with you.  This workout will target the entire body and is a great way to train for obstacle course racing if you’ve been tempted to try one.

*Warm up: Hit the trail with the kids for 5-10 minutes at a slower pace or walk the field.

St Eds Joy

Cardio:  Pick up the pace and chase your kids for 5-10 minutes on the trail or on the field.

St Eds Knee Ups

Knee ups:  Hang from a high bar or monkey bars. Start with your thighs parallel and flex your abs as you bring your knees up towards your chest for 10 reps.  Take a 10 second break and repeat 2-5 more times.

St Eds Bar Body Swings

Full Body Swings:  Use your abs to kick your legs forward, swing back and regrip the bar for 10 reps.

St Eds Rope Walk UpsRope (Climb) Walk Ups: Find the rope and perform 3-8 walk ups.  Don’t quite have enough upper body strength (like me)?  See Iso 1-Hand Holds.

Iso 1-Hand Holds:  Hold rope with both hands for 3-5 seconds.  Let go of your bottom hand for 3-5 seconds before grabbing with both again for 3-5 seconds.  Alternate sides 3-5 times.

St Eds Hip Exercises

Time to target your hips, thighs, and glutes!

Hip Hikers:  Stand on one leg along the perimeter of the playground.  Start by bending your knee and tapping heel down to grass, then drive that knee up and hike your hip up towards your ribs.  Repeat for 10 reps and switch sides.

Balanced Walking Lunges: Keep upper body tall as you perform walking lunges for 16-24 reps.

St Eds Exercises

Climbing wall:  Keep your body close and use your legs more than your arms.  Most playgrounds don’t have the height for adults, so climb laterally.

Pull ups:  Use a over or underhand grip to hold bar and try to use your back more than your arms.  Easier said than done.  I did 2, then cheated by jumping for 3 more reps.  If you have a partner, have them hold your legs to help assist you.

Tricep Dips:  Bend and straighten your elbows to work the back of the arm for 16-24 reps.  No shrugging your shoulders or locking out your elbows.

Step ups:  Use a bench or stairs to step up and down slowly. At the top of the move, almost push your hips forward and squeeze your butt!  10 reps each leg.

St Eds Balance Beam Exercises

Balance Beam:  Walk forward, backwards, and sideways.  Keep your knees soft and have your arms out to the side.

Balance Beam Challenge:  Try balancing sideways and performing 10 squats.  Your back is straight with your chest open.  Too hard sideways?  Then try one foot forward and crouch down by pushing your hips back and attempt to touch the beam.  Try 10 on each leg.

Wanna know where we are at?  This is Saint Edwards State Park (14445 Juanita Drive Northeast, Kenmore, WA 98028 – click tab below to see map). Hiking trails, biking, a huge playground, fields, and beach access to Lake Washington (which you’ll see in the next post on Monday).

*Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.


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