Use a Stability Ball for Your Pilates Exercises!

Ball Pilates Exercises

Change up your pilates routine by using a stability ball!  The stability ball will challenge your muscles differently than the traditional mat exercises, which helps to keep your body guessing and to break through fitness plateaus.  Try some of these pilates exercises to strengthen your entire body.

Ball Pilates 100

Ball Pilates 100: Press your legs together and pump arms like you are slapping water. Take slow, smooth breaths as you pump your arms up to 100 times. You can rest your legs on top of the ball as an option. Using a ball for the pilates 100 challenges your inner thighs, abs, and back more than the mat pilates 100.

Ball Pilates Roll Up

Ball Pilates Roll Up: Press your hands into the ball as you plant your straight legs down into the floor. Inhale to prep, then exhale as you roll up. Contract your abs in even tighter. Inhale to prep, exhale, and slowly lower back down. Using a ball actually makes this exercise a little bit easier, although you do work the shoulders, and chest more than you would with the mat pilates roll up. This is a good time to try the twisting option as you roll down for added difficulty.

Ball Pilates Single Leg Straight

Ball Pilates Single Leg Straight:  Keep your left leg on the ball as you perform your knee pulls.  Do the same amount on each leg (up to 8 reps).  Try pressing your foot hard into the ball to work the hamstrings more.

Ball Pilates Double Leg Straight

Ball Pilates Double Leg Straight:  Press your legs into the ball hard (for hamstrings) as you smoothly roll the ball in and out.

Ball Pilates Scissor

Ball Pilates Scissor:  Roll the ball as you scissor your legs – pressing into the ball as hard as you can.

Ball Pilates Swan

Ball Pilates Swan:  Start with feet wide and bring them in closer together as you transfer from feet to hands.

Ball Pilates Single Leg Kick

Ball Pilates Single Leg Kick: Lift leg up as high as possible without arching your back. Kick your butt twice, then extend leg back out.  Lower leg down and repeat on the opposite leg.

Ball Pilates Brige Kick

Ball Pilates Bridge Kick:  Keep your chest open with your shoulders down.  Kick your leg up and down 3-5x without flexing your spine.

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If you have any questions or comments, feel free to add them below!

*Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.


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