Friday Flexibility: Simple Seated Poses

Simple seated poses help you find your center, reduce stress, and increase function between your hips and ribs. Try this seated pose practice to help you wind down from your hectic week.

Simple Seated Pose

Sit tall in a simple cross-legged pose with your hands in prayer. If your hips are tight, sit on a folded blanket, pillow, or anything comfortable that will elevate your hips.  Take 10 easy breaths.

Simple Seated Twist Variations

Inhale as you extend your spine and exhale as you flex your spine 5 times (photos 1 & 2 above). Next, circle your ribs as wide as possible 5 times each direction (photos 3 & 4 above). Inhale and reach your arms overhead, exhale and twist your spine (photos 5 & 6 above). Drop your arms and hold the twist for 5 more breaths. Go back to center, change the cross of your legs, and repeat the sequence.

Simple Seated Side Bend

You can add the simple seated side bend after your twist and hold for 5 more breaths.

Simple Seated Eagle Arms

If your right leg is crossed in front, wrap your left arm underneath your right for simple seated eagle arms pose. Hold 5 breaths, then fold forward and hold pose for another 3-5 breaths. Switch arms and legs.

Modified Cow Face Pose

For modified cow face pose, attempt to clasp hands together behind your back. Normally, I use a strap for this since I can’t touch fingers together yet.

Simple Seated Meditation

Place left fingers in right with thumbs touching and focus on your breath. Easy, slow breaths. Your heart is light. Your mind may wander, and when it does, take it back to your breath.

“Let your brain sink onto the waves of your breath.” -Rodney Yee

Stay here as long as you wish.


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