Fit Friday: Heart-Shaped Core Exercises

Heart-Shaped Exercises

If you are in the Valentine’s spirit, then *do these heart-shaped exercises that focus on strengthening your core.

Medicine Ball Heart Trace

Medicine Ball (MB) Heart Trace: Stand tall and keep your core as still as possible as you trace the shape of a heart with a light medicine ball or dumbbell.

Bow and Arrow Pull

Bow & Arrow Pull:  Reach towards the ground with your back straight and chest open. As you come up to standing, pretend you are pulling back a bow and arrow. Your back elbow needs to stay high with your shoulder down away from your ear.

Heart Plank

Heart Plank: Trace the shape of a heart while in a plank position. Make sure to alternate hands. Modify this exercises by going down to your knees or take your feet out wider.

Split Leg Heart

Split Leg Heart: Trace the shape of a heart with your feet as you keep your hips to your head as still as possible. Modify this exercises by bending your knees.

Double Leg Heart

Double Leg Heart: Squeeze your legs together as you trace the shape of a heart with your feet. Keep hips to head as still as possible. Modifiy this exercise by keeping one leg on the ground.

Pilates Heart Roll Over

Pilates Heart Roll Over: With your legs glued together and abs in tight, slowly raise your legs overhead, open legs apart and bring back together as you slowely lower back down. This is more advanced. Stick with the Split Leg Heart above until you build enough strength for this exercise.

Rest Pose

Rest pose: Place feet wider than hip distance and knees together. Feel your heart beat as you focus on your easy breath for 1-5 minutes.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

*Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.


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