No Time to Workout?

This workout is perfect for days when you feel like you just can’t fit it in.  *You’ll be done in less than 20 minutes. 🙂

Get-it-done workout

A Get-it-Done Workout

  • Warm up:  5 minutes at a slower pace
  • 1 Mile:   As fast as possible (any format you wish – biking, walking, jogging, row machine, etc.).  You can start slower and build your speed as you go.
  • Push ups:  Abs in, shoulders retracted and depressed, chest open, neck neutral, and body in a straight line.  Go down a 3 count, hold a 2 count, come back up a 3 count for 1 minute.  See photo below.
  • Inverted rows:  It’s reverse of a push up.  Squeeze glutes, chest open, shoulders retracted and depressed and keep body in a straight line.  Pull up (pinch shoulder blades) a 3 count, hold 2 counts, slowly lower back down 3 counts for one minute.  You can loop strap around a strong door hinge indoors.  See photo below.
  • Walking Lunges: Stand tall and step forward with your left foot. When you foot hits the ground, bend your right knee down (your knee doesn’t need to touch the ground).  Push off your back leg (right leg) and advance forward. Perform walking lunges for 1 minute.
  • Side Plank:  Place elbow directly under shoulder and lift hips up.  You can make this exercise easier by modifying from you knees.
  • Pilates 100:  Keep arms “stick-straight” as you perform small pumps with your arms (like you are slapping water).  Inhale and exhale smoothly as you pump your arms up to 100x.  Abs in tight!  See variations below.
  • Stretch and you’re done.  Now go make yourself a healthy snack!

Get-it-done exercises

*Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.





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