Fitness Book Review: The MELT Method


The MELT Method by Sue Hitzmann is more of a self care program for pain management than it is a traditional fitness program.  Although, fitness is moving more in this direction with the gaining popularity of foam rollers and trigger point techniques.

Sue (a former host for CRUNCH TV on ESPN and fitness guru) came up with a series of techniques to assess and treat the body for getting rid of body aches and pains, which she has named The MELT Method .  She shows you how to assess your own body, exercises for each body part (using a foam roller and round ball massager), and how to reassess your body.  MELT originally stood for the acronym Myofascial Energetic Length Technique and has evolved to include the entire connective tissue system.  It’s still an appropriate name, since melt evokes the feeling of relaxation.

Chapters include:

Part 1
1.  What Really Causes Pain?
2.  The Power of Connective Tissue
3.  The Missing Link

Part 2
4.  Becoming a Hands-Off Bodyworker
5.  Reconnect
6.  Rebalance
7.  Dehydrate
8.  Release
9.  The Hand and Foot Treatment

Part 3
10.  Getting started with your MELT Practice
11.  Dehydrate the Upper and Lower Body
12.  Release the Neck and Low Back
13.  MELT Maps
14.  MELT as Complimentary Self-care

As a fitness professional, I found Part 1 extremely repetitive and wordy. Oh. My. Goodness. Maybe if you didn’t understand how the body functions, you would get more out of that part.

I did like her assessments she has you go through followed by the reassessments. It’s eye opening to actually feel your body out of alignment.  For me personally, I’ve noticed the biggest difference in my wrist and hand mobility, which is definitely worth the price of this book.  The neck section was another one that made this book worth owning.

There are a couple gimmicky things she had you do right at the beginning where you lay on a foam roller, go through a series of exercises, then slide off and right away you feel your body melt into the floor. It’s really a strange and cool sensation, but I found that if I just lay on the foam roller for a minute (the long direction) without doing her exercises and slide off, you get the same sensation.  You also need to go into this book with an open mind because her introduction is a bit “out there”. She talks about how she can feel vibrations under her skin and such which makes her less believable.  She really should have kept that to herself.

I do think this book is worth adding to your library for self care techniques for pain management. If the MELT Method helps you manage some of your aches and pains, then it’s definitely worth the $12 price. I bought my kindle version from Amazon here.  The kindle version is easy to navigate as well.


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