New Year’s Resolutions: Train for a Race

If you are a type of person who does better at fitness by having a goal, then you should train for a race.  Usually these races or events raise money and awareness for different things, so it’s a win-win!  They do have races for all levels – so even walkers are welcome to join in the fun!

 Find an Event That Looks Like Fun to You!



There are so many races to choose from these days.  I usually go to Running in the USA’s website or to check out events.  Mud runs, color runs, bubble runs, run for chocolate, run for wine, run to dance music, dress up and run, obstacle course racing, biking, skiing, swimming – you name it, they have it!  As we head into spring and warmer weather, you will see tons of races popping up on the websites.  Once you go to one, you will see that there are people with all fitness levels, all body types, and all personality types – so there is nothing to be nervous about!

Start Training!

*Set realistic goals.  Don’t do a marathon (or even a half) in March if you haven’t been running at all.  Start small and work up to the big ones.  Maybe set a goal to do the St. Patty’s Day 5K on March 15th?  That’s one of the biggest 5K’s in the Seattle area and 3.1 miles is a realistic goal for the average person.  Remember, you don’t have to be a runner/jogger – walkers are welcome at this race and many others.  Train outdoors or on a track whenever possible (since your race won’t be on a treadmill). There are so many ways to train for a race, but the key is to stay consistent and not overdo it!  Listen to your body (and buy good shoes).

Here’s an 8 Week Walk/Jog 5K Training Program  – from me to you.

5K Training Plan

Have you wanted to try obstacle course racing?  Check out this awesome infographic courtesy of Custom Fitness Concepts


Other noteworthy obstacle course races to check out that are coming to Seattle in 2015 are…

  • July 12th: Mud Factor “Seriously Fun!” 5K Obstacle Course Run
  • July 18th:  WIPEOUTRun – “Let the Hurt Begin!” (just like the show Wipeout).
  • Sept 12th:  The Slime Run -“Things Might  Will Get Messy!”
  • Nov 7th: The Zombie Run – “Welcome to the Apocalypse!”

Here’s a few races and events in the greater Seattle area you can do in the next month if you are physically ready:

Have Fun in the Journey!

Downloading a running app like Strava, Nike+, or Runkeeper will help you keep track of your progress. You can make it social by posting workouts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  Just don’t forget to listen to your body!  This means learning some trigger point therapy, foam rolling techniques, or yoga poses to release tension, increase mobility, and reduce stress.  Most important is to have fun and enjoy your journey – make it a fun and adventurous 2015!

*Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.


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