Fitness Book Review: The Roll Model

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Everyone encounters physical pain through their lives. Instead of popping pills to manage this pain, we need to come up with other alternatives. *The Roll Model by Jill Miller is a book you will want to have your library of possible fixes for aches and pains and for better overall mobility. Better mobility means your joints are able to move more freely to reduce your risk of injury. With over 400 pages of information, you are bound to find a few new techniques on your journey to a better quality of life.

Jill Miller is a forward-thinker and knows how the body functions.  Her Yoga Tune Up program is hard to beat when it comes to self-care for pain management.  This book is an extension of that and an affordable way to explore her program.   She uses yoga Tune-Up balls (various sizes), yoga blocks, and a strap with the exercises.  I personally feel like a tennis ball works just as well as her Tune Up balls, though the Tune Up balls are more comfortable on bare skin and a little more pliable.


Chapters are as follows:

  • Chapter 1:  A New Model of Self-Care Healthcare
  • Chapter 2:  How to Use My Program
  • Chapter 3:  Posture, Pain, Performance:  Stand Up for Yourself by Getting on the Ball
  • Chapter 4:  The Science Section:  Fascia and Proprioception
  • Chapter 5:  Know Your Body Better:  An Embodied Orientation to Bones and Muscles
  • Chapter 6:  The Nine Essential Roll Model Ball Techniques
  • Chapter 7:  Breath Reset
  • Chapter 8:  The Sequences That Reset Your Body
  • Chapter 9:  The “Roll” of Relaxation
  • Chapter 10:  Soul Rolling:  When You “Knead” More Than a Physical Fix
  • Chapter 11:  What Next?  Tune Up Fitness Corrective Exercise

You may have taken other courses or read similar books on trigger point therapy, foam roller techniques, or self myofascial release, and you need to understand there is more than one way to do things.  The exercises shown in this book are just another alternative – like doing a squat vs. a leg press.  Working the same muscles, but in a different way.  The key is to not push it too hard.  You need to be able to breath and relax into each pose or exercise.  Breathing is key!

The only negative that I have found in this book (my opinion) is way too many roll model success stories – no joke, at least 20 of them!  You get the point that it works on people with all types of issues and ailments.

I bought my paperback from Amazon for about $25 here.  There is now a kindle version available for about $10 too.

*Note: This book is not meant for self diagnosis, you need to seek your physician’s approval to start this or any other exercise program.



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