New Year’s Kick-Start Fitness Plan

Happy New Year’s!



Here’s a smart way to kick-start your fitness and healthy lifestyle for the first days of 2015!

Day 1:

Take measurements (and retake in about 4-6 weeks)…


1 Mile Test (preferably outside) – after a 5 minute slower-paced warm up, see how fast you can complete one mile. Time yourself. Walk, jog, or run – with great form (abs in, chest open, and shoulders relaxed).  Retake test in 4-6 weeks.


Day 2:

Perform the plank exercise for up to one minute.  Start on your knees (shown below), progress to one leg straight – both legs straight – one leg up.


Do bridging on the ball for up to one minute.  Start with the ball close to your butt and arms down, but walk ball out farther for more of a challenge and try to bring arms up towards the ceiling.


Try a new healthy recipe (click photo for this recipe).

Apple Walnut Salad Recipe

Day 3:

Do 10 minutes of cardio of your choice.

Exercise 3

Increase flexibility with yoga.

Yoga with a Blanket

Day 4:

Focus on your water intake the for the day.


Drink a green smoothie (click photo for recipe).

Greens Smoothie

Day 5:

Go for a 20 minute walk.

Walk 20 Minutes

Do pilates ball (or a rolled up blanket) side leg lifts for one minute on each side.  Focus on keeping your torso as still as possible with your chest open as you lift your leg.

Pilates Ball Side Leg Lifts

Day 6:

Do a Get-Ready-For-Superbowl Workout!  Click photo for exercise details. Beginners should omit the 3 point plank and perform modified plank (from above).

Football Workout

Day 7

Do something fun! What do you like to do? Hike? Bike? Ice skate? Walk at the beach?


Do a variety of activities to increase your heart health, strength, and flexibility. Take it day by day, but do something for you everyday!  I’ll help you along the way!!



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