DVD Review: Rodney Yee’s Complete Yoga for Beginners

Rodney Yee is simply the best yoga instructor and his new DVD proves it!  *If you know someone who is interested in starting a yoga journey – this would be the perfect gift for them.  Rodney has the best cueing and all movements are slow to focus on correct form.  Even if you aren’t a beginner, it’s good to revisit poses to get the most out of them.  Some yogis say there is no wrong way to do a pose, and that’s just simply not true.  You may not look exactly like the instructor, BUT you need to be aligned correctly so you don’t injure yourself.

Here’s a few yoga rules to follow:

  • Never force yourself into any position.  If you need to use help of the blocks, a strap, or even using the support of a chair or wall – do it.
  • Never jam your spine or joints.  If you can’t breathe into a pose, you are trying to hard.  The main focus is always the breath.
  • Have fun with it!

Rodney Yee Yoga

Rodney Yee Yoga 1

As you can see from the above photo, there are four practices on this DVD that are about 20 minutes each:

  1. Yoga Basics:  You start with simple, slow and controlled movements to feel where center of gravity is, moving slowly into warrior 2, forward folds, triangle, and seated work. You will need a strap for this practice.
  2. Flexibility:  I like this one. Starts out kind of like Basics, but moves into more of a forward fold series to focus on the backside of the body. You will also need the strap for this practice.
  3. Energy:  Gets you use to transitioning from pose to pose with movements like bent knee to straight leg down dog, to warrior 1, and ending with floor poses.  You will need a block and a strap for this practice.
  4. Relaxation:  I loved this relaxation practice and it’s very different from his other relaxation practices on other DVDs.  If you have a hard time relaxing (like I do), then you will love it! You are in each pose just long enough to not start spacing out and have your mind go to other things.  You will need yoga blocks for this practice.  My 7 year old even did this practice – just had him use a blanket for chest opener pose.

Here’s the YouTube promo video from Gaiam:

I bought my copy on Amazon for about $12 here.  You can also find yoga blocks (from Amazon) here, a yoga mat here, and a yoga strap here.

*Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.


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