Take Classes at Various Fitness Studios with ClassPass


ClassPass has made its way to the greater Seattle area (from Tacoma to Mukilteo and everywhere in between)! Now you have choices from literally hundreds of fitness classes daily from various fitness studios for $99 per month. You can also give the gift of ClassPass for $19/class. Jet-setters can take classes in other participating cities as well. *I got the opportunity to check it out for myself.

Find a class online, book it, and take it.

It’s really that easy. I didn’t let on that I am a fitness trainer/group exercise instructor myself, so I would get the same treatment any individual would get. When booking some classes, it says there is a $20 fee for no-shows. I don’t flake, so it’s all good. They even post notes on what to bring to each class that you book. If it’s your first time at any studio, you do need to show up 10 minutes early to sign a quick waiver. You can book up to 3 classes at any one studio per month.

I was able to take a few classes, so here’s my experiences below:

I’ve had my eye on Flywheel for a while, and this gave me the opportunity to experience this indoor cycling workout for myself. Flywheel’s note was cycling shoes provided, but bring socks. I have my own shoes, so I didn’t want to use theirs.

Here’s the Bellevue studio on a weeknight after a class…

Flywheel Bellevue

Their customer service was amazing. They have a person who is there just to help with bike setup (not the instructor), which I think is great! He came up to me right away to help me fit my bike – I let him do his thing and my bike was set up perfect. Just an FYI, most people have there saddle too low. There were 21 people in the class that night, and the instructor was great. Afterwards, you can go online to see your stats and your instructors stats for that workout (you will have a personal record of all rides). For you competitive types, you can even compete with others on a monitor. Great experience, and I want to go there with my husband sometime (the biking junkie).

Next, I was curious to try Group Active at Bodyschock Fitness. It’s a blend of cardio, weights, balance, core, and flexibility. Great class, welcoming instructor, and a smaller group. Great format for newer members. There were about 10 of us in class, which was a perfect size for that studio. Everyone seemed to know everyone, which is great for helping people keep themselves accountable for fitness.

Here’s photos of studio 15 minutes before class started.

BodyShock Fitness

This club is located in Factoria (which is a nightmare to get to after work). If you are close though, check it out!

The last studio I got to check out was Fly Fitness in Kirkland at Carrillon Point. I tried the noon hour Fly Cycle Express. 45 minutes of spinning followed by a fun and effective 15 minute core session. Awesome location, clean gym, and a fun and motivating instructor. There were only a couple other guys in class that day (before Thanksgiving) and they were really nice as well. Always helps to be around nice, like-minded peeps!

Fly Fitness

I didn’t get to take as many classes as I would like because of my own fitness schedule. Just know there are tons to choose from – especially yoga, Barre, and Pilates. Cycle, boot camp (both indoor and out), Nia, Zumba, strength training, rowing, TRX, boxing, parkour-style, capoeira, dance, group personal training and much more!

*Thanks to ClassPass for the complementary pass to review my experience for you.


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