On the Line Workout

Now that you have that tape out from the A-Hop Agility Drill, here’s a great workout you can do to increase your balance, speed, agility, and overall coordination for any sport or activity that you enjoy doing.  If you are doing this on your hardwoods at home, use the delicate painter’s tape.

On the Line WorkoutExercise rules:

  • Stand tall.
  • Chest is open and shoulders are retracted and depressed – but not forced.
  • Abs are pulled in.
  • Arms can be wherever you want for balance.
  • Find a focal point to focus on with balance exercises.
  • Knees are soft.
  • Have fun!

On the Line Workout

  1. Walk the Line: Walk the line forward and backwards.
  2. On the Line Stationary Lunge:  Keep your weight even on both legs as you bend your knees into the lunge. You don’t have to touch your back knee to the floor.  Don’t lean forward and keep weight on your front heel.
  3. Scissors:  Stay light on your feet as you scissor your feet over the line.  Focus on speed.
  4. Walk the Line Tap Downs:  Take a step forward, then bend your knees into a squat reaching towards the tape. Come back up (standing tall) and repeat.
  5. Jack Cross:  Perform jack crosses, but stay low and light on your feet.  Focus on speed.
  6. Twist and Reach Down the Line:  Go Slow! Pull your knee up and twist towards your knee while you reach behind you.  Stay tall.  Next, slowly extend that leg behind you and reach towards the tape.  Advance forward and repeat sequence.  Keep abs in tight.  This will be challenging!!
  7. Zig Zag Hops:  Stay light on your feet as you zig zig hop over the line forward and backwards.
  8. Squat & Jump 180:  Push your hips back and lower into a squat.  Explode up using your hips and rotate 180 degrees.  Land and repeat.

Perform each exercise for a minute and you can repeat the exercise sequence 2-3x.  Don’t forget to stretch when finished!

*Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.


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