Get Some Fresh Air!

Don’t let shorter days get you down. Plan a cardio lunch break outdoors at Myrtle Edwards and Centennial Parks to boost your mood and calorie burn. **Whether you are a walker, jogger, skater, biker, or just plain people watcher – go get some fresh air!

Get Some Fresh Air 6

Get Some Fresh Air 5

Get Some Fresh Air 4

Get Some Fresh Air 3

Get some Fresh Air 2

Get Some Fresh Air 1

If you park down at Clay St and Alaskan Way, you will get in 3 miles walking the trail of the two connected parks.

*A 145 pound person would burn about:

  • 230 calories walking 3 miles
  • 325 calories jogging 3 miles
  • 275 calories biking or skating 3 miles
  • 48 calories sitting and people watching.  Come on, at least go walk as you people-watch!

*These are estimates, actual numbers depend on your weight, metabolism, and intensity (diet thermogenesis, basal metabolic rate, and intensity of physical activity to get technical).

**Consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise program.


5 thoughts on “Get Some Fresh Air!

  1. Reblogged this on From Hell to Happiness and commented:
    That does help! Take it from me…I lost 55.6 pounds and 90% from outdoor walking near Lake Ontario. Why should life get in the way of exercising near the lake? You get sun wind and the great feeling of being alive. That’s my experience anyways.

  2. I love these pics. I still take pictures of Harborfront, the skies, the sun.

    Definitely motivates me to make a visit there this week even when it could be raining or windy. Summer is unfortunately over in TO.

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