A Hiking Circuit Workout

Hiking Circuit Workout

Next time you go on a hike, make it a full body circuit workout!  Here are some examples of exercises you can do using a tree:

Tree Wall Sits:  Put your back against a tree (watch for sap), and bend your knees anywhere from a 45-90 degree angle.  Keep weight on your heels and breathe!  See variations of the wall sit here.

Tree Push-offs:  Think push ups using the tree.  Stand right at the base of a tree, and take 3 steps back.  Fall and catch yourself against the tree and push away from it.  See variations of the push-offs here.

Tree Stump Squats:  Find a stump that is tall.  If you were to sit on it, your thighs are parallel to the ground.  Go back into a squat barely touching your butt to the stump and stand back up again.  See more technique tips here.

Tree Stump Tricep Dips:  Find a stump or log that is sturdy.  From a seated position, place all your weight on your hands.  Slowly bend and straighten the elbows working the back of the arms.  See example here.

TGIF!  Have a wonderful weekend!!


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