Forest Giants

The Grove of the Patriarchs Trail located at Mt. Rainier National Park is a must see.  It’s only a 1.5 mile flat trail roundtrip, so it’s perfect for all ages.  The gigantic trees are jaw-dropping and some are between 700 – 1000 years old.  My son and I went twice within two weeks with different family members.

Forest Giants

Forest Giants 1

There is a “jiggly” bridge (that is what my son and nephew called it) that you go over before getting to the really big trees…

Forest Giants 2

Forest Giants 8

My husband is 6’6″ and he actually looks small next to these forest giants…

Forest Giants 4

Forest Giants 5

Forest Giants 6

To get there, enter at the Stevens Canyon entrance to the park off of Highway 123.  After you pay the entry fee, the trailhead parking is located not even a 1/4 of a mile on the right hand side.

Man, I’m a total tree hugger!  Love this place!!


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